Study of motion

Title: Study Of Motion
Year: 2015
Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 60
Video duration: 7 sec loop
Material: mdf, dia film, iron, electric motor

The study of motion is an ironic attempt of turning over the evolution of film technology. Primary goal was the desire of the author for practical explanation of phi phenomenon and production of functional Zoopra-xiscope which is capable to show a moving image which people had the opportunity to watch 140 years ago. It is composed of the parts collected from garbage and slide projector which is turned into lanterna magica. The projector displays the movie in which the author rides a wooden horse in the children’s playground. The action was filmed by a digital camera and then transformed to 126 digital frames, which were afterwards developed in the physical photos which were finally rephotographed on diafilm. The total duration of the film is 7 seconds, at a speed of 18 fps. It invokes the first projected moving images of horse in gallop.

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