The Underwear Collection

Title: The Underwear Collection
About the series: Visual essay made for the scientific journal Život umjetnosti
Year: 2020
Dimensions: 93 x 93 cm, series of seven prints
Material: trichloroethylene xerox transfer

The Underwear Collection is a “result” of working on a series of graphics entitled “Špek” [Bacon]. This series has a conceptual basis in the so called “closed loop” of the food chain, which is repeated every year in the same rhythm: buy pork belly, brine it, smoke it, dry it, photograph it, eat it, print the graphics, sell them, buy pork belly… The artist turns what he eat into an artwork and puts it on the market, so he is consequentially fed by his art and get fat. In this sense, the Collection can be understood as the second part of the diptych, it is made in the same technique as the Špek series, and represents a confirmation that the first part was done well.

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