Succeeding Dangerously

Project title: Succeeding Dangerously
Year: 2018
Individual works
“Parachute” –  Video, 3:09 min loop
“Paraplan” – trichlorethylene xerox  transfer, cobweb and dust 180×130 cm
“Par-avion” – Video 8:37 min, object sailplane Gheppio (220x110x40)

Succeeding dangerously is an ambient installation that is narratively comprehended as a whole through three segments with different names (Paraplan, Parachute and Par Avion). The author, without any initial knowledge and experience, decides to construct a glider and fly away. „Par Avion“ consists of the object (glider) and the video that documents the attempt of the lousy pilot to make a flight from his studio at Žitnjak to the Gallery SC (distance 13 km). The name of the work suggests a method of mail transportation, and in this case, the exhibition artifact is transported on its own by air to the exhibition. “Parachute” is a video that shows the author in a free fall, and represents a sort of “fail safe” within the installation. If we disregard the fictional character of the artwork, on metaphorical level it represents the jumping out of the glider which already started to fall. Paraplan is a version of the sea map, i.e. „Map of Nothing“ (one of the illustrations for Carrol’s poem “The Hunting of the Snark” on which Succeeding dangerously is poetically referred to). A large format of paper was used to print the piece. Afterwards this print had been “laying” on the wall in author’s studio for several years in order to collect the cobweb, dust and
the other patina, until it was fixed behind the glass.

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